Port of Call: The Revolution Will Be Critiqued. A Guest Post.

This is a a guest post I did for my friend Cooper’s blog about a year ago. (It’s a great blog. Check it out! https://theairshipchronos.wordpress.com/). It’s about politics in Legend of Korra and what the show gets right and what it gets wrong.

The Airship Chronos

Legend of Korra is about politics. It’s about other things too, of course, but the exploration of different political ideologies and structures forms a core theme of the show, running from beginning to end. This is in contrast to its predecessor show,  Avatar: The Last Airbender, where Aang spends the entirety of the show engaged in the relatively simple tasks of stopping the expansion of a militaristic empire and ending a war. The thorny questions of post-war recovery are relegated to later. When the series ends, the Air Nomads and Southern Water Tribe have been irrevocably shattered, and most of the Earth Kingdom has been under a military occupation for nearly a century. Merely ending the Hundred Years War doesn’t repair the damage. Many of those unresolved problems show up here. In Legend, Korra spends each season engaging with and ultimately rejecting a form of radical political ideology…

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