The Final Definitive Ranking Of All U.S Presidents


United States Presidential Seal

It’s what it says in the title folks. As Barack Obama is the very last president of the United States of America, THERE’S NOBODY AFTER HIM, NOPE, THAT’S IT, THAT’S THE END, I thought it worthwhile to compile a final ranking of all of our presidents. The list is divided into four tiers:

(1) ‘Presidents Who Made America Better, Mostly’: 1–12

(2) ‘Flawed Presidents Who Still Did Alright I Guess’: 13–20

(3) ‘Presidents Who Just Showed Up And Did Their Job’: 21–33

(4) ‘Presidents Who Made America Worse’: 34–43

This list has been devised with scientific precision, based on a combination of gut instinct and quick scans of numerous Wikapedia pages. It is a 100% objective historical fact, and will not be gainsaid.

1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

2. Abraham Lincoln

3. George Washington

4. Dwight D. Eisenhower

5. Lyndon B. Johnson

6. Thomas Jefferson

7. James Monroe

8. Theodore Roosevelt

9. Harry Truman

10. James Madison

11. William McKinley 

12. Barack Obama

13. James K. Polk

14. Woodrow Wilson

15. Chester A. Arthur

16. Jimmy Carter

17. Ulysses S. Grant

18. Bill Clinton

19. Grover Cleveland

20. John F. Kennedy

21. William Howard Taft

22. James Garfield

23. George H.W Bush

24.  Benjamin Harrison

25. John Quincy Adams

26. Martin Van Buren

27. Rutherford B. Hayes

28. Gerald Ford

29. John Tyler

30. Millard Fillmore

31. Zachary Taylor

32. William Henry Harrison

33. Warren Harding

34. Calvin Coolidge

35. Franklin Pierce

36. Richard Nixon

37. Herbert Hoover

38. Andrew Johnson

39. George W. Bush

40. Ronald Reagan

41. John Adams

42. Andrew Jackson

43. James Buchanan


2 thoughts on “The Final Definitive Ranking Of All U.S Presidents

  1. I very much agree with the top 10, although I would have swapped Ike with LBJ. I would have also flipped Harding and Coolidge, as well as flipping Obama and Wilson. I would really like to see the reasoning behind the 23 to 33 rankings, just to get a better look at the guys who just kind of showed up to work. And yes, there can not possibly be a worse president than James Buchanan.


    • Harding and Coolidge were originally flipped, but I eventually decided that helping to cause the Great Depression was a worse sin than not noticing that everyone in your cabinet was corrupt. Wilson loses a LOT of points for his insane crackdown on free speech, his entrenching of segregation in the federal govt., and his imperialist foreign policy.

      The 23-33 ranking was the hardest, because they all did so little. Basically though, Harding, Taylor, and William H. Harrison are at the bottom because they all died prematurely after accomplishing nothing AND they had no real plans to accomplish anything. Garfield also died early but he had an extensive agenda he was trying to push through so he gets points for that. Bush I, Benjamin Harrison, and J.Q.A all seem to have at least been decent presidents who didn’t screw anything up too badly and made so efforts to improve matters. The rest literally did nothing and I ranked them basically based on gut instinct.


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